Meet Us

We're a Family...

with a Place for YOU!

We know it's tricky to find a home church.  Check us out. We're a small, down to earth group of people who love Jesus and love other people. We have ups and downs and through it all, our great God helps us and sometimes even does miracles.  We know there's lots of hype in churches, but that's not us. We would love to meet you and hear your story. If you have had some victories, lots of failures, and want to know more about living for Jesus, you may just find we're a good match for each other.

Meet Pastor Mike Magnuson

Hi there and God bless you!

We are eager to meet you and hope you find a home among us. Every week, we gather twice on Sundays to worship, fellowship and learn from God's Word. 


We have good times together and if you like to hunt, fish, build things and laugh, with each other, you'll feel right at home. 


There are ongoing ministries each week and great monthly and annual events, too. Check out our Facebook page for up to the minute activies, prayer requests and more.


If you'd like to chat or need prayer, please call anytime. 

--Pastor Mike




How Can We Pray for You?

Thanks for checking out our church. Please contact us anytime with questions or if you want prayer. (920.231.2200)

Our History

The Faith Christian Center was founded by its pioneer Pastor Michael L. Magnuson, who held the first service July 15, 1984 at its present location at 939 Bowen Street, in Oshkosh Wisconsin. Pastor Mike has been the pastor since its beginnings and has seen several generations come to belief in Christ, and their families be raised up to follow Christ as well. During this period of time believers have been involved in many areas of society, and many have even answered the call to ministry. It is our goal to impact every facet of society with the biblical values of faith, fellowship, and family.


Established in July 1984